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My name is Tracey

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Tarot Cards

Intuitive Coaching



Feeling uneasy about your future right now? 


The time has come for us to tap into the intuitive potential we all hold inside. The New Era is here, and with it comes the reignition of our inner power. 

For years we were encouraged to ignore our intuition, our Goddess energy. However, with all of the major shifts occurring on Planet Earth, there is also an inner shift that calls us to change the way we are currently operating in the World. 

It’s time to take a step back from the masculine approach and lead with the feminine. Lead with the Goddess that exists in us. 

Imagine finally realizing that you’re so much more than flesh and bones? That you have a divine power that overflows from within your being, and out onto the World?

Imagine finally being in touch with your most wise and conscious part? Imagine being guided there in a gentle way? So you can finally get to know who you are in your essence.

If that feels like a whole-body yes, then you’ve come to the highest and most aligned place. 

Tracey has been a qualified Tarot reader for the past 25 years. Her readings are astonishingly accurate, as she is a certified Biddy tarot reader who also uses runes and Oghams in her sessions.

As an intuitive, Tracey mixes up her skills as a Certified Life Coach with the guidance she receives from her Highest and most intuitive self to offer direction to her clients. Each session has the power to bring clients into a more peaceful and positive state of being, so they can move forward with clarity and trust. 

With Tracey’s guidance, you’ll be able to finally connect to your intuitive self. The more you make decisions from your Goddess energy, the more you open up space for your inner power to come forth. 

If you feel ready to tap into that inner, divine wisdom, let your intuition lead the way.

Call:  07932612109

Email: theempress753@gmail.com

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Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

All sessions done face-to-face, Zoom or by E-Mail. Please contact us for any personal queries